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PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: TGFQ
Model Number: PC220-8MO PC240-8MO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 500.00-1000.00USD
Packaging Details: NNER PACKING: Wrap by plastic film, clear label for each item. OUTER PACKING: Carton or Plywood Case PACKING SIZE: Depend on packing type
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A
Supply Ability: 500 pcs / month
Product Name: Crawler Excavator Travel Gearbox Model: PC220-8MO PC240-8MO
Part Number: 20Y-27-00550 Shaft: 14/18T
Applicable Industries: Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Construction Works Package Size: 60*60*67 CM
High Light:

PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer


PC220-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer


20Y-27-00550 Excavator Travel Reducer

Excavator Travel Reducer PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Travel Gearbox

Product Parameter:

 Description:  Crawler Excavator Travel Gearbox
 Brand:  TGFQ
 Material:  Steel
 Hole:  18/20Holes
 Model:  PC220-8MO PC240-8MO
 Part Number:  20Y-27-00550
 Package:  Standard Exporting Wooden Box or As Required
 Stock:  Send inquiry or contact sales specialist
Product Photo:
PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 0PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 1PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 2PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 3
PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 4
Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  20Y-27-00550 [2] Final Drive Assembly Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] |$0.
  20Y-27-00110 [1] Floating Seal Assembly Komatsu OEM 2.65 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] |$1.
3. 20Y-27-42180 [1] Hub Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
4. 20Y-27-41320 [2] Bearing Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
5. 20Y-27-42240 [1] O-ring Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
6. 20Y-27-41190 [1] Nut, Lock Komatsu 3 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
7. 20Y-27-41180 [1] Lock Komatsu 0.04 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
8. 01010-81020 [2] Bolt Komatsu 0.161 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["801014093", "0101051020", "801015108"]
9. 20Y-27-42170 [1] Carrier Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
10. 20Y-27-42140 [4] Gear Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
11. 20Y-27-42320 [4] Bearing Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
12. 20Y-27-41270 [8] Washer, Thrust Komatsu 0.03 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
13. 20Y-27-42220 [4] Pin Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
14. 20Y-27-21290 [4] Pin Komatsu OEM 0.03 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
15. 20Y-27-13310 [1] Washer, Thrust Komatsu China 0.08 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
16. 20Y-27-42130 [1] Gear Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
17. 20Y-27-42230 [1] Washer, Thrust Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
18. 20Y-27-42150 [1] Gear Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
19. 20Y-27-42160 [1] Carrier Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
20. 20Y-27-42120 [3] Gear Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
21. 20Y-27-42310 [3] Bearing Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
22. 22U-27-21240 [6] Washer, Thrust Komatsu 0.02 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
23. 20Y-27-42260 [3] Pin Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
24. 20Y-27-21280 [3] Pin Komatsu China 0.01 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
25. 20Y-27-42110 [1] Shaft Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
26. 20Y-27-21310 [1] Washer Komatsu China 0.17 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
27. 20Y-27-42190 [1] Cover Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
28. 04260-01587 [1] Ball, Steel Komatsu 0.018 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
29. 20Y-27-21360 [20] Bolt Komatsu 0.28 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
30. 01643-31645 [20] Washer Komatsu 0.072 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["802170005", "0164301645"]
31. 07049-01012 [2] Plug Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
32. 20Y-27-31190 [3] Plug Komatsu 0.07 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
33. 07002-12434 [3] O-ring Komatsu China 0.01 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["0700202434", "0700213434"]
34. 20Y-27-11582 [1] Sprocket Komatsu China 36.2 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["20Y2711581", "20Y27K1110", "20Y2777110"]
35. 20Y-27-11561 [20] Bolt Komatsu China 0.14 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"]
36 01010-61660 [36] Bolt Komatsu 0.127 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["0101031660", "0101081660"]
38 20Y-30-44191 [2] Cover Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100002-UP"]
38 20Y-30-44190 [2] Cover Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 100001-100001"]
39 01010-81230 [8] Bolt Komatsu 0.043 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["0101051230", "01010B1230"]
40 01643-31232 [8] Washer Komatsu 0.027 kg.
  ["SN: 100001-UP"] analogs:["0164371232", "0164381232", "802170003", "R0164331232", "0614331232"]
41 708-8F-00350 [-1] Motor Assembly Komatsu China  
  ["SN: UP"]
Final Driving Installation Precautions:
Check the piping and flexible hose is correctly installed. Ensure correct direction of rotation of the motor is achieved. Check for leakage from all motor parts. Ensure the system is operating within the specified working temperature. Check the pressure is operating within specified range.
Troubleshooting-General Precautions:
• If you experience an abnormal operation of the Track Drive Motor, think all working circuit elements that could potentially effect the Track Drive Motor's performance.
• If deemed to disassemble the Track Drive Motor, it is critical to do so in a clean environment, to ensure no miss or broken during the reassembly process.
• When disassembly, pls note that the inner hydraulic components of the Track Drive Motor are precision manufactured and as a result must be handled with care to avoid irreversible damage.
Diagnosis & Maintenance:
• If motor is running with an unusual sound, unscrew the plug from the case drain and check whether the oil level is present. add the oil level if required and ensure to bleed the trapped air from the circuit. also check the oil quality, if have impurities, need replace the oil and keep it clean. to keep the life of the Track Drive Motor.
• If you still experience abnormal operation of the motor, check the pressure throughout the work circuit to assess whether or not the motor is breakdown.

PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 5


PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 6


PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 7



We have more than 4000 square meters of three-dimensional warehouse and more than 2000 square meters of outdoor warehouse
It ensures that we have sufficient inventory and respond to customers' needs faster. Fast delivery is our advantage

PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 8

PC220-8MO PC240-8MO Excavator Travel Reducer 20Y-27-00550 9

Q: What can you do?
A: We can provide you with digging final drive and swing drive motors and reducer gearbox and their parts.

Q: Can We Buy 1 Piece Of Each Item For Quality Testing?
A: Yes, It's No Problem.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Generally, we will arrange the goods within 24 hours after your payment; if not in stock, stocking time is 3-7 days.

Q: How do I order?
A: You need to tell us the model and quantity you are interested in, and then we will issue a proforma invoice for you. The goods will be prepared after receiving the payment. The preparation time depends on the content of the order.

Q: Do you have a factory?
A: Yes, we have our own factory and have 22 years of production experience in the excavated gear industry.

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