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R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: TGFQ
Model Number: R305-7 R290LC-7A R335-9
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 500.00-1000.00USD
Packaging Details: NNER PACKING: Wrap by plastic film, clear label for each item. OUTER PACKING: Carton or Plywood Case PACKING SIZE: Depend on packing type
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A
Supply Ability: 500 pcs / month
Product Name: Excavator Travel Gearbox Model: R305-7 R335-7 R320-7
Part Number: 31N8-40072 / 31N8-40071BG / 31N8-40070 Outer Packing: Wooden Case
Port: Huangpu Or As Request
High Light:

R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox


R305-7 Excavator Travel Gearbox


31N8-40071BG Excavator Travel Gearbox

TGFQ Hyundai R305-7 R290LC-7A 31N8-40072 / 31N8-40071BG Excavator Travel Gearbox


Product Parameter:

 Appliion:  Crawler Excavator Final Drive
 Place of Origin:  Guangzhou
 Model:  R305-7 R290LC-7A R335-9
 Part Number:  31N8-40072 / 31N8-40071BG / 31N8-40070
 Motor :


 Motor No. :  DNB50
 Size:  18/26Holes
 Condition:  New
Product Photo:
R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 0R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 1R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 2R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 3
Part Drawing:
R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 4


Pos. Part No Qty Parts name
*-2. 31N8-40070 [1] T/REDUCTION GEAR
*-2. 31N8-40071 [1] T/REDUCTION GEAR
*-2. 31N8-40071BG [1] T/REDUCTION GEAR
*-2. 31N8-40072 [1] T/REDUCTION GEAR
*-2. 31N8-40073 [1] T/REDUCTION GEAR
3 XKAQ-00174 [1] HOUSING
3 XKAQ-00802 [1] HOUSING
5 XKAQ-00176 [1] SHIM
5 XKAQ-00992 [1] SHIM
5 XKAQ-00993 [1] SHIM
5 XKAQ-00994 [1] SHIM
5 XKAQ-00995 [1] SHIM
6 XKAQ-00177 [1] RETAINER
7 XKAQ-00178 [17] BOLT-WRENCH
8 XKAQ-00179 [1] CARRIER ASSY-NO.3
8 XKAQ-00398 [1] CARRIER 3 ASSY
8-1. XKAQ-00180 [1] CARRIER-NO.3
8-1. XKAQ-00396 [1] CARRIER 3
8-2. XKAQ-00181 [4] GEAR-PLANETARY NO.3
8-2. XKAQ-00389 [4] GEAR 3-PLANETARY
8-3. XKAQ-00182 [72] NEEDLE-NO.3
8-3. XKAQ-00390 [72] NEEDLE 3
8-4. XKAQ-00183 [8] WASHER-THRUST NO.3
8-4. XKAQ-00391 [8] WASHER 3-THRUST
8-5. XKAQ-00184 [4] PIN 3
8-6. XKAQ-00185 [4] PIN 3-SPRING
8-7. XKAQ-00186 [1] GEAR 3-SUN
8-8. XKAQ-00187 [1] RING 3-SNAP
8-9. XKAQ-00651 [4] PIN 3-SPRING
9 XKAQ-00188 [1] CARRIER ASSY-NO.2
9 XKAQ-00399 [1] CARRIER ASSY 2
9-1. XKAQ-00189 [1] CARRIER-NO.2
9-1. XKAQ-00397 [1] CARRIER 2
9-2. XKAQ-00190 [3] GEAR-PLANETARY NO.2
9-2. XKAQ-00392 [3] GEAR 2-PLANETERY
9-3. XKAQ-00191 [45] NEEDLE-NO.2
9-3. XKAQ-00393 [45] NEEDLE 2
9-4. XKAQ-00192 [6] WASHER-THRUST NO.2
9-4. XKAQ-00394 [6] WASHER 2-THRUST
9-5. XKAQ-00193 [3] PIN 2
9-6. XKAQ-00194 [6] PIN 2-SPRING
9-7. XKAQ-00195 [1] GEAR 2-SUN
9-8. XKAQ-00196 [1] RING 2-SNAP
9-9. XKAQ-00650 [6] PIN 2-SRPING
10 XKAQ-00197 [1] CARRIER ASSY-NO.1
10 XKAQ-00400 [1] CARRIER 1 ASSY
10-1. XKAQ-00198 [1] CARRIER 1
10-2. XKAQ-00199 [3] GEAR 1-PLANETARY
10-3. XKAQ-00200 [3] BEARING-NEEDLE
10-4. XKAQ-00201 [6] WASHER-THRUST NO.1
10-4. XKAQ-00395 [6] WASHER 1-THRUST
10-5. XKAQ-00202 [3] PIN 1
11 XKAQ-00203 [1] GEAR 1-SUN
12 XKAQ-00204 [3] PLUG
13 XKAQ-00205 [4] PIN-LOCK
14 XKAQ-00206 [1] GEAR-RING
14 XKAQ-00762 [1] GEAR-RING
15 XKAQ-00207 [24] BOLT-WRENCH
16 XKAQ-00208 [1] RING-THRUST
17 XKAQ-00209 [1] COVER
18 XKAQ-00210 [1] RING 2-THRUST
19 XKAQ-00211 [16] BOLT-WRENCH
20 XKAQ-00212 [1] MOTOR-RING
21 XKAQ-00213 [1] RING 3-THRUST
22 XKAQ-00214 [1] PAD
23 XKAQ-00215 [1] COUPLING



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R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 5


R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 6


R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 7



We have more than 4000 square meters of three-dimensional warehouse and more than 2000 square meters of outdoor warehouse
It ensures that we have sufficient inventory and respond to customers' needs faster. Fast delivery is our advantage

R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 8

R305-7 R290LC-7A Excavator Travel Gearbox 31N8-40072 31N8-40071BG 9

common problem:
Q: What can you do
A: We can provide you with digging final drive and swing drive motors and reducer gearbox and their parts

Q: how long is the warranty period?
A: Within 6 months, we will provide you with maintenance spare parts within the warranty period free of charge.

Q: do you accept OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, you just need to provide your logo file or ideas.

Q: can I order one of our samples for testing first?
A: Of course!

Q: how do I order?
A: You need to tell us the model and quantity you are interested in, and then we will issue a proforma invoice for you. The goods will be prepared after receiving the payment. The preparation time depends on the content of the order

Q: do you have a factory?
A: Yes, we have our own factory and have 23 years of production experience in the excavated gear industry.

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Phone Number : +8618529425585

WhatsApp : +8618529425585