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Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox 170303-00032A

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: TGFQ
Model Number: DX80R DX75 E80
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 200.00-800.00USD
Packaging Details: NNER PACKING: Wrap by plastic film, clear label for each item. OUTER PACKING: Carton or Plywood Case PACKING SIZE: Depend on packing type
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs / month
Product Name: Excavator Swing Gearbox Model: DX80R DX75 E80
Part Number: 170303-00032A / K1042873 Quality: High Guarantee
Applicable Industries: Machinery Repair Shops, Energy & Mining Motor No.: JMF151
High Light:

DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox


Doosan Excavator Swing Gearbox


170303-00032A Excavator Swing Gearbox

Factory Direct Sales Cheap Doosan Excavator Parts DX80R DX75 Swing Reduction Gearbox


Model:DX80R DX75 E80
Brand: TGFQ
Part Number170303-00032A / K1042873
Part Name: Excavator Swing Reduction
   Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
  Process: Heat Treatment


 1. Long life.
 2. High strength.
 3. Easier for maintenance
 4. More accurate.
 5. Anti-corrosion.
 6. Suitable for various environments.

Product Photo:

Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 0Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 1Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 2Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 3


Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 4

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
*. K9006619 [1] SEAL KIT;SWING MOTOR  
-. 170303-00032 [1]    
-. K1042873 [1] MOTOR;SWING 170303-00032
1 *NA00342 [1] CASING  
11 K9006589 [1] . BALL;THRUST  
12 K9005957 [1] . WASHER  
13 K9006590 [3] . ROLLER  
14 2.114-00862 [2] . WASHER  
15 K9006591 [1] . SPRING  
16 S6510420 [1] RING  
17 K9006612 [1] . BLOCK;CYLINDER  
18 1.412-00064 [2] PLATE;FRICTION  
19 1.412-00073 [1] PLATE;MATING  
2 K9006595 [1] CASING;VALVE  
20 K9006594 [1] PISTON;BRAKE  
21 K9006592 [16] SPRING;BRAKE  
22 K9006596 [1] PLATE;VALVE  
23 K9006202 [2] PLUNGER  
24 K9006203 [2] SPRING;CHECK  
25 K9006180 [2] PLUG  
26 S5700621 [1] PIN;PARALLEL  
27 2180-1217D142 [1] O-RING  
28 2180-1217D147 [1] O-RING  
29 2180-1217D148 [1] O-RING  
3 K9006593 [1] SHAFT;DRIVE  
30 2180-1217D153 [1] O-RING  
31 S8000181 [2] O-RING  
31 S8000161 [2] O-RING  
32 S8000111 [2] O-RING  
33 S2215061 [4] BOLT;SOCKET M12X1.75X25  
34 S2206261 [3] BOLT;SOCKET  
35 2181-1950D1 [2] PLUG  
36 2181-1116D4 [1] PLUG  
37 S6500250 [4] RING;RETAINING  
38 K9006221A [2]    
38 K9006221 [2] VALVE;RELLEF K9006221A
39 K9006609A [1]    
39 K9006609 [1] VALVE;BRAKE K9006609A
4 K9006220 [1] BEARING;ROLLER  
40 K9006610 [1] GAUGE;OIL LEVEL  
5 K9006604 [1] BEARING;BALL  
6 K9006605 [1] SEAL;OIL  
7 K9006603A [1] PLATE;SHOE  
7 K9006603 [1] PLATE;SHOE K9006603A
8 K9006588 [1] . PLATE;RETAINER  
9 K9006611 [1] PISTON ASSY  
R1. *NA00348 [1] CASING;GEAR  
R11. K9006599 [3] RING;INNER NO.2  
R12. K9006190A [3] RING,INNER;NO 1  
R12. K9006190 [3] RING(NO.1);INNER K9006190A
R13. K9006608 [3] BEARING;NEEDLE  
R14. K9006219 [3] BEARING;NEEDLE  
R15. K9006600 [3] GEAR;PLANET NO.2  
R16. K9006192A [3] GEAR,PLANETARY;(NO.1)  
R16. K9006192 [3] GEAR(NO.1);PLANET K9006192A
R17. K9006601 [1] GEAR;SUN;NO.2  
R18. K9006194 [1] GEAR,SUN;NO.1  
R19. K9006196 [1] WASHER(NO.1);THRUST  
R2. K9006602A [1] SHAFT,PINION  
R2. K9006602 [1] SHAFT;PINION K9006602A
R20. K9006197 [1] PLATE;THRUST  
R21. K9006402 [9] WASHER;THRUST  
R22. K9006403 [3] SCREW  
R23. 2181-1116D3 [1] PLUG;HEX. SOCKET  
R24. 2181-1116D1 [2] PLUG  
R25. S2215271 [6] BOLT;SOCKET  
R26. K9006204 [3] WASHER(NO.3);THRUST  
R3. K9006215 [1] BEARING;TAPER ROLLER K9006694
R5. K9006607 [1] SEAL;OIL  
R6. K9006597 [1] COVER;BEARING  
R7. K9006187 [2] COLLAR;HALF  
R8. K9006598A [1]    
R8. K9006598 [1] CARRIER NO.2 K9006598A
R9. K9006188 [1] CARRIER(NO.1)  

Main Features:

1.Completely interchangeable with original
2.Very competitive price
3.Low-noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life
4.Small size, high power density
5.Excellent oil absorption properties.
6.For engineering machinery, maritime and boat and industrial machinery etc.
7.For open-loop Swashplate axial piston pump.
8.Continuous working pressure up to 280bar, the instantaneous maximum working pressure up to 350bar.
9.Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement, and can be achieved by adjusting the swashplate angle stepless variable
10.There are constant pressure, constant-power constant pressure, constant-voltage constant-flow and other control method, and the control response speed
11.Drive shaft can withstand the axial and radial loads
12.For pass-axis structure, and for multi-loop system

Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 5


Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 6


Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 7



We have more than 4000 square meters of three-dimensional warehouse and more than 2000 square meters of outdoor warehouse
It ensures that we have sufficient inventory and respond to customers' needs faster. Fast delivery is our advantage

Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 8

Doosan DX80R DX75 Excavator Swing Gearbox  170303-00032A 9

Common problem:
Q: What can you do
A: We can provide you with digging final drive and swing drive motors and reducer gearbox and their parts

Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: Within 6 months, we will provide you with maintenance spare parts within the warranty period free of charge.

Q: Do you accept OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, you just need to provide your logo file or ideas.

Q: Can I order one of our samples for testing first?
A: Of course!

Q: How do I order?
A: You need to tell us the model and quantity you are interested in, and then we will issue a proforma invoice for you. The goods will be prepared after receiving the payment. The preparation time depends on the content of the order

Q: Do you have a factory?
A: Yes, we have our own factory and have 22 years of production experience in the excavated gear industry.

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